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Interview with Ildikó Kalapács

An Artist With A Message

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Ildikó and Wayne teaching and performing Hungarian folk dance in Arcata, CA with the Jómóka Táncház Band of Salt Lake, UT, Arcata Folk Dance and Music Festival, 2008
Testimonials about Ildikó’s art work by Koichi Kawasaki, curator of Art at Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan and Satoshi Sawasaki, artist and musician of Osaka, Japan, 2007
‘Dream Catcher’ painting by Ildikó at Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest (Cj Gribble and Ildikó talk about the art work), 2008
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Conversation with artist Bruce Beal in Spokane, Washington, 2007
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